Chrome Valley Books is the birthplace of the British satire/humor series  In Their Shoes – available to buy at Written by Andrew Mackay (with Joy Attwood,) each entry in the series focuses on Attwood’s experiences of that profession throughout the day. In each book she has to undertake a task related to that profession.

So far Joy has had to teach a class of unruly twelve year-olds, star in a feature film, appear on stage as God in front of 1,400 audience members on a West End stage and undress for a perfume photo shoot.

Three books are available in the In Their Shoes series. Yes, it’s a trilogy! The fourth is about to be released shortly (Feb 2017)! Available titles are:

In Their Shoes – The Teacher (Book 1)

In Their Shoes – The Actor (Book 2)

In Their Shoes – The Model (Book 3)

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